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 Bible Blessings - celebrating over 80 years of Christian service!
Below are additional sources of supply for books and resources that we do not carry. Check them out!


Over 50 studies on the Two Houses of Israel by Steven M. Collins and other authors, available for free download: www.israelite.info 

Steven M. Collins blog site with interesting news and commentary on current events in light of Bible history and prophecy: www.stevenmcollins.com

For the largest selection to be found anywhere of excellent books and literature concerning the two houses of Israel, including rare hard-to-find material, visit: www.migrations.info  

An Anglo-Israel Information site is at www.angloisrael.info

For an ancient history site from Australia, see http://originofnations.org

Messianic Two-House Worship site South-eastern Michigan, www.messianics.us

A Michigan congregation is at www.spiritofgrace.us

An introductory website is at www.british-israel.com with articles by the late W.H. Bennett

A Canadian website with research and information is at www.israelite.ca

Brit-Am organization in Jerusalem, Israel, Yair Davidy, see www.britam.org

A Two-House Sabbath fellowship: www.lunar-sabbath.com

A two-House ministry: www.sacred-name.info